Hebrews 9

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Father has a proposition for us tonight. Will we simply just spend time with Him? God has made it so simple. Under the New Covenant, you and I can come now directly into the presence [...]

Hebrews 8

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We are the recipients of a Better Covenant! God in Christ, has changed forever the way He deals with and relates to man. We no longer have to check our desires by external rules and [...]

Hebrews 7

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Melchizedek Unmasked! Not only has Christ died for our sins - but he forever makes intercession for us at the Right hand of the Father. Even now - everyday, we are constantly being cleansed and [...]

Hebrews 5

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When we are under the gun, we can cry out to our Great High Priest - who gave himself willingly and deliberately to emotional as well as physical pain, so He could understand and connect [...]