What if you were told you could enjoy the ultimate all-satisfying experience? And that you could have it if just two things were true. You would need to have a treasure of infinite value, and you would need to have a treasure of infinite duration. The best thing possible and never-ending enjoyment. That’s what you would need. In other words, infinite value and infinite duration is what would bring us complete satisfaction. Would you sign up for that deal? Well that is exactly what is being offered to you in the Lord Jesus Christ. The simple physics of affection is this. The greatest joy to be had in this life, is that which is attached to the greatest object in the universe  –  and that object is Jesus. Get your Word on with us this week, where we set sail upon the high waters of the book of Hebrews, and discover the infinite worth and advocacy that has been secured for us  –  by our perfect and proven Great High Priest!

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