The Vision followed by the pastors and elders of Verse By Verse Church (VXV) is predicated upon what Peter said in 1st Peter 5, “Feed the flock of God which is among you.”  Our desire is that the people at VXV Church would be among the best fed, best loved people in our community. The primary objectives of our fellowship are to equip, care for, serve and to bring to maturity in Christ, those whom God has entrusted to us, and to do so in the context of fostering a strong Gospel centered community.  We believe that as we are faithful to do that, believers will be enabled to serve the Lord in outreach within and outside of the church, in whatever capacities God has gifted them:

We intend to accomplish that by, but not limited to, the following:

  • Teaching the whole council of God by dynamic energetic expositional teaching, with an emphasis upon present application.  There are times when topical teaching is appropriate, but we feel strongly that the main diet coming from the pulpit should be expositional teaching.  We consider VXV a teaching church.
  • Developing people to spiritual maturity through men’s and women’s Bible studies, small discipleship groups, and one on one discipleship and mentoring programs.
  • Continuing to focus on effective Gospel centered Sunday School and Youth Programs to mature our children in the Lord.  We must encourage everyone to take part. We believe in teaching our kids the fundamentals of the Gospel and pointing them to Christ, rather than simply providing an environment for games to pass the time.  We encourage parents to have their older children alongside the adults in the Sunday morning service.
  • Encouraging strong fellowship and cultivating a real sense of community within the body, as a healthy alternative to the secular community from which people take so many of their cues.  We desire to create a strong community of Gospel centered believers doing