We resume our study in the rich text of Hebrews, where we begin to study the great high priesthood of Christ.  Now what does a priest do?  Well he takes men to God.  As God’s sovereign leading over Verse by Verse Church continues, we now move into a subject that is dealt with only here in the New Testament  –  and how compelling that we find ourselves right here right now at such a time as this.  What we as the Church must present to our world and hold up to our Nation, is the supremacy of Jesus Christ our great high priest  –  who takes men to God and who is superior to all of the competing affections and narratives holding us hostage.  Get your word on with us this week, as the Lord entreats His church to come boldly to the throne of grace with great confidence and without hesitation, where He waits to dispense His magnificent mercy and His galactic grace  –  at this our time of extraordinary need.

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