While there is a glorious eternal rest on the calendar for the people of God, there is yet a tremendous PRESENT-DAY REST God is making available to believers, if we will simply exercise faith in the veracity of the Scriptures. ONCE AGAIN THIS WEEK  –  God strikes us with otherworldly timing here in Hebrews Chapter 4, as the writer describes the character and nature of the extraordinary REST in Christ that is available to God’s people right now. Nature is not sovereign, Satan is not sovereign, man is not sovereign – and neither is the Coronavirus.  And this is where good theology comes home to roost.  Nothing happens that doesn’t flow from the eternal councils of God; Ephesians 1:11. HE ALONE IS SOVEREIGN, and therefore in all of this is God’s wisdom, and in all of this is God’s purpose. Get your Word on with us this week and discover the remarkable peace of God that transcends all understanding!

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