Got Milk? We hear it does a body good. But this week in Hebrews Chapter 5, the writer of Hebrews tells us we are going to need much more than that – if we’re going to have an impact and an influence on the culture.  As we look at the degeneration of our own beloved Nation today, how does that reflect upon the American Church’s ability to carry out the great commission in its own backyard? If we can take an honest look at our culture and our churches, it’s not all that difficult to see that the church hasn’t influenced the culture, but rather the culture has influenced the church. These are difficult times that demand difficult questions. Could it be that God has loosened the leash on the forces of evil in our Nation -– that we might see and discern the bottle-fed church’s inability to reach those without hope? Get your Word on with us this week, where we search for these answers and more in the strong meat of God’s Word!  Got steak?

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