Exodus 1-2

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New study in Exodus begins! The promises in the Word of God will come to pass, whether you choose to get in the game or sit in the stands. God leaves that choice [...]

Exodus 3-4

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God was unable to speak to Moses at 40, because Moses was filled with Moses. God was unable to use Moses at 40, because Moses was filled with Moses. But after following sheep [...]

Exodus 5-6

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Whenever we really get up and get moving in the Lord, we can expect opposition. The enemy rarely gives up his prey without a fierce struggle, and yet how we respond to that [...]

Exodus 7-8

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The longer a person refuses to hear His Word, the louder God has to speak in order to get their attention, and it’s not necessarily pretty. In Exodus 7, God is going to [...]

Exodus 9-10

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Pharaoh illustrates the clear truth that miracles cannot convert a person. If men’s hearts could be made right by the observation of miracles, then Pharaoh would have been saved long ago. Therefore when [...]