Exodus 11-12

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Join us for an absolute stunner in Exodus Chapter 12, which foreshadows the Cross of Christ like no other Chapter in the Bible. If you want to know the person and works of [...]

Exodus 13-14

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In Exodus Chapter 14, God very deliberately leads Israel into a corner with no way out. And yet somehow, we’ve allowed ourselves to think that when God leads us, He always leads us [...]

Exodus 15-16

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In the hour of testing, we ought not to pray “God can you get me out of this?” - but rather “Lord what is it you want me to get out of this?” [...]

Exodus 17-18

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An incredibly rich and well rounded study awaits in Exodus 17 and 18. We're given a striking picture of Christ in Moses' striking the rock, a compelling picture of the flesh in the [...]

Exodus 19-20

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While there in nothing more remarkable than Christ having fulfilled the entire law of God on our behalf; while we are to delight in being saved by grace through faith alone, there are [...]

Exodus 21-22

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Our devotion to God often reveals itself in our relations with one another. The new laws of the land are laid out in order to set the framework of a new legal system [...]