Luke 1:1-25

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Join as we launch a new study in the Gospel of Luke this Sunday and Monday at Verse by Verse Church! Luke, a physician by profession, sets out to compile the most thorough [...]

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Luke 2:21-38

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This week in Luke Chapter 2 we find 2 people who were of no reputation in the world, but who had a very deep and powerful walk with the Lord. They were 2 [...]

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Luke 2:39-52

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In our last study in Luke Chapter 2, we discover the only narrative the Bible gives us concerning the young Christ, and what we find is spectacular. The 12-year-old Jesus, after ordering a [...]

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Luke 3:1-14

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The Christian life is one that ought be characterized by the continual cycle of confession and repentance, if we are to move towards a delight in God in Christ, and towards being about [...]

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Luke 3:15-38

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Jesus begins His ministry by submitting Himself to be baptized by John, even though there is nothing for Him to repent from, in order to identify with sinful humanity. In a fantastic passage, [...]

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Luke 4:1-13

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Luke Chapter 4 brings us to Satan’s temptation of Christ in the wilderness, where among other things, we clear up a number of misconceptions the church has concerning the ministry of the Holy [...]

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