Romans 1:1-7

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In the ancient Japanese art form of Kintsukeroi, they would restore broken pottery with gold, in such a way that the fractures were literally illuminated by the gold. They treated breakage and [...]

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Romans 1:8-17

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The New Testament knows nothing about unattached disconnected Christianity, which so tragically seems to be gaining traction in the Church today. Having justified us by faith alone in Christ alone, God has [...]

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Romans 1:18-32

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We head into some very rough waters in our final study in Romans Chapter 1, where Paul describes for us the 3 stages that a collapsing civilization experiences, as God judicially gives [...]

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Romans 2:1-16

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James tells us in Chapter 2 of his epistle, that if we fail in one point of God’s law, we fail in all of it concerning salvation. In other words, the law [...]

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Romans 2:17-29

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Paul continues his diatribe in Romans Chapter 2, trying to bring every one of his readers to understand their desperate need for the Gospel. Now the great Apostle is not trying to [...]

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Romans 3:1-20

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The Apostle Paul takes the righteousness of the human heart into the courtroom for our final study in the doctrine of depravity in Romans Chapter 3. Before making his closing arguments, he [...]

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