Romans 15:7-13

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Next week we begin what we’re calling the “Postscript” to Romans, where Paul offers a few personal remarks and extended greetings, but this week we’re putting a wrap on the substantive part [...]

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Romans 15:1-7

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Paul resolves his teaching on Christian unity, by expressing explicitly that the goal of our love and harmony in the Church - it’s ultimate purpose is to make manifest the GLORY of [...]

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Romans 14:13-23

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The Apostle Paul charges strong believers to forego their rightful liberties in Christ where the exercise of such would bring offense to their weaker brothers. In doing so we discover we will [...]

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Romans 14:1-12

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Paul addresses the matter of how we find UNITY given the multitude of personal convictions and preferences among believers in the body of Christ. And what Paul does for purposes of this [...]

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Romans 13:8-14

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In our final study in Chapter 13, Paul calls us to consider the incredible wealth that is already ours as Children of God, and the unspeakable inheritance that awaits us in glory. [...]

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