Revelation 6

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The Vindication of the Lamb begins. Join us as John gives an overview of the Great Tribulation through the loosing of the Seal Judgements - and we find suddenly upon us the holiness of God. [...]

Revelation 7

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Time-out is called on the tribulation field as John gives us unique insight into the greatest revival the world will ever know. Join us as the 144,000 Jewish envagelists are sealed and sent out to [...]

Revelation 8

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The action resumes in spectacular and terrifying fashion as John the Revelator describes the first four Trumpet Judgements, activated by the prayers of the Saints. God continues to offer opportunities at every stage of His [...]

Revelation 9

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John is given a vision of the demonic jailbreak in the spiritual realm, and describes for us the "Armies from Hell" that are allowed by the Lord to bring forth the fifth and sixth Trumpet [...]

Revelation 12

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Join us as John provides a panoramic view of the conflict of the ages, and reveals further mysteries, including the identity of the "Woman clothed with the Sun." Click here to download podcast