Revelation Overview

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An in-depth explanation of the background of the book of Revelation given to help the listener understand a little more about what the book is about before going through its Chapters. Click here to download [...]

Revelation 1

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The first chapter in the book of Revelation. A glimpse into the glorified and risen Christ. John the Revelator is commissioned by Jesus. Click here to download podcast

Revelation 2

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The second chapter in the Book of Revelation- An introduction to Christ's complete message to the Churches. Letters to the Churches at Ephesus, Smyrna and Pergamum. Part 1 - Part 2 continued in the "Revelation [...]

Revelation 4

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So you want to go to Heaven? Join us as John is caught up into heaven and shown unspeakable marvels as we begin our study of the prophetic section of the Book of Revelation. Click [...]

Revelation 5

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Jesus Christ takes center stage in the throne room drama as He proves the only one worthy to take the scroll of redemption from the hand of the Father. Join us as God reveals an [...]