Unspeakable sovereignty – this will rock your face off!……


I’ve put this together for you with a prayerful heart that you might sense the resolute power of God displaying the extent to which His sovereignty is unspeakably amazing. The story on how the Hebrews named their kids is fairly straightforward. They were named simply as a function of the events surrounding their birth. For example, there was this hypocritical cat named Gideon (yeah the dude with the sword) who on the surface wouldn’t allow others to call him a King. Yet he turns around and names his kid Abimelech, which is Hebrew for “my father is a King.” Iis actually a title, but that’s another story.

Now on the surface, the fifth chapter of Genesis appears to be nothing more than a genealogy or record of the sons of men from Adam to Noah. The genealogy is given in sequential order from Adam, through his child Seth, and Seth’s child Enosh, and so on, all the way down to Noah. Now, here are the names and their Hebrew translations as follows.

Adam:              Man