16 06, 2015

Genesis 49-50

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When you look at a group or team or family photo that you're in, who is the first person you look at? It's yourself isn't it? If you go to the Word of God looking for yourself first, you will miss much of Jesus Christ, who is at the very epicenter of every page. The [...]

9 06, 2015

Genesis 47-48

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The family of Jacob begins to settle in the land of Goshen, as their Patriarch Jacob nears the end of his earthly rope. Jacob now has his eyes steadfast upon eternity, and shows us that his confidence in the promises of God extend well beyond the grave. Join us for a rich study where we [...]

8 06, 2015

Genesis 45-46

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The long awaited reunion between Joseph and his brothers is before us in Chapter 45, and in this story we see a fantastic picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ yet again! Joseph reveals himself to his repentant brothers and lifts their guilt completely, clothes them in new garments, and then reveals his splendor and [...]

27 05, 2015

Genesis 41-42

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God exalts Joseph to power in Egypt in Genesis 41, and demonstrates in striking fashion how the Lord is sovereign in ruling over the affairs of our lives. While we are not responsible for some of the circumstances in our lives, we are responsible for how we respond to them. And if we can keep [...]

27 05, 2015

Genesis 39-40

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Despite horrific circumstances for which he was not responsible, Joseph prospers through patient faithfulness in remarkable fashion. The reason Joseph was not disillusioned in life is because Joseph did not put his confidence in people, but rather he was steadfast in placing his confidence in the Lord! Join us for a remarkable study in the [...]

11 05, 2015

Genesis 37-38

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Joseph has some big dreams, and provides for us perhaps the most fascinating type of Christ in all the Scriptures. Genesis 37 begins a stunning foreshadowing of the Gospel that will stir your affections to make much of Jesus Christ! At Verse by Verse we're not content raking for leaves, but rather digging for treasures [...]

27 04, 2015

Genesis 35

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G. Campbell Morgan said "Revival cannot be organized, but we can set our sails to catch the wind from heaven when God chooses to blow upon His people." Here in Genesis 35 we have presented to us the first revival recorded in the Scriptures, where there is a real sensitivity towards sin, and a willingness [...]

30 03, 2015

Genesis 33-34

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In Chapters 33 and 34, Jacob gives us an example of a man who knows where God wants him to live, but he goes somewhere else. As a result of living outside God's will for his life, this man ushers a whole lot of trouble into the lives of he and his family. A very [...]

13 03, 2015

Genesis 31-32

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Jacob wrestles with the pre-incarnate Christ all night long in a striking study in Genesis 32. It is only when we allow God to bring us to that place of confession, that He can begin to do a mighty and dramatic work in our lives. You are His beloved, and so you can either meet [...]