Acts 5

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Ananias & Sapphira learn the lesson that Hypocrisy kills. Join us as God sets the Standard for His Church concerning hypocrisy, and Peter & John and the rest of the Apostles experience the 1st of [...]

Acts 6

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Though the shortest Chapter in the Book of Acts, Chapter 6 is one of the most important Chapters for the Body of Christ today. The Lord brings over the top encouragement to you and me, [...]

Acts 7

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Stephen lowers the boom in the most powerful and famous sermon in the New Testament epistles - "Stephen's Defense before the Sanhedrin." This famous sermon was delivered by just an ordinary servant of the Lord, [...]

Acts 8

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Join us in Chapter 8 for the tale of four men - Saul of Tarsus, Philip the Evangelist, Simon the Sorcerer and The Ethiopian Eunich. The Lord uses Saul's persecution to spread the Gospel - [...]

Acts 9

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Join us for the Conversion of Saul of Tarsus - who will become the Great Apostle Paul. Saul, the fierce persecutor of the Church, finds himself hunted down by the Hounds of Heaven. The Predator [...]

Acts 10

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Join us as God kicks open the door to the Gentiles in fantastic fashion here in Acts 10. God gives visions to both Cornelius and Peter in this pivotal chapter in the history of the [...]