Acts 1

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Join us for the incredible introduction to the Book of Acts! Jesus Christ gives His final words on earth to His disciples as He heads to the Father, and the most powerful prolific period in [...]

Acts 1 pt. 2

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In Part 2 of our Study of Acts Chapter 1, Luke shows us that Prayer and Unity are the two ingredients that really prepare believers to experience a powerful move of God. Luke also records [...]

Acts 2 pt. 1

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Witness the birth of the Church in Acts Chapter 2 - where the Holy Spirit is poured out in a mighty way upon the Disciples. Join us for the spark that caused the flame of [...]

Acts 2 pt. 2

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Join us for the conclusion of Acts Chapter 2, where Luke records for us the birth and explosion of the Early Church! Tonight we discover why the early Church had such great power to literally [...]

Acts 3

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Luke records the Early Church's first miracle, and gives us tremendous insight into how we can position ourselves in such a way that allows the Hand of the Lord to move in powerful and miraculous [...]

Acts 4

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Having walked now in the miraculous, the brand new Church faces it's first opposition - and yet empowered by the Spirit, boldly and courageously confronts the Sanhedrin. Luke records for us tremendous insight in how [...]