Join us for perhaps the most encouraging study in the Book of Acts. The Lord comes alongside Paul and stands beside him, picks him up, and moves him into His will for his life – even after Paul had blown it big time! A fascinating picture of the heart of our God awaits you in Acts 23!

Also, as explained in the podcast, here is the genealogy we talked about:
On the surface, the fifth chapter of Genesis appears to be nothing more than a genealogy or record of the sons of men from Adam to Noah. The genealogy is given in sequential order from Adam, through his child Seth, and Seth’s child Enosh, and so on, all the way down to Noah. Now, here are the names and their Hebrew translations as follows.

Adam:              Man
Seth:                 Appointed
Enosh:              Subject to death
Kenan:             Sorrowful
Mahalalel:         From the presence of God
Jared:               One comes down
Enoch:              Dedicated
Methuselah:      Dying he shall send
Lamech:           To the poor & lowly
Noah:               Rest and comfort

As is His trademark, God shows us that He was behind the scenes the whole time foreshadowing the gospel story 4000 years before it happened. Read together in sequence, one can see the elements of the Gospel story embedded in the fifth chapter of Genesis. Nothing short of jaw dropping no? It gets much cooler. These foreshadowings are scattered throughout the Old Testament in ways which shatter the mind. Yep, He has the whole deal wired.

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