Sovereignty is a word that we hear from time to time in Christian culture, but do we truly understand what it means? Have we merely settled for some degree of philosophical or intellectual head-knowledge concerning God’s sovereignty, and failed to purpose the reality of His sovereignty in our heart? Join us this Sunday as we dive into Psalm 139 together, where we will discover that when we begin to really grab ahold of the implications of God’s sovereignty, we will come to realize that it is a fear-crushing, anxiety-repelling, worry-wrecking, reality that will propel you and I to greater and greater degrees of joy, delight, and rest, no matter what circumstance you and I find ourselves in. Get your Word on with us and allow the reality of God’s sovereignty to penetrate your heart and take the weight, worry, and anxiety off your shoulders. Your Daddy’s got you – and He – is – GOOD!

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