In the thick of these desperate times, we badly need the brand of encouragement and security offered to us here in Revelation Chapter 3, where this week we study the letter to the Church at Philadelphia.  In the 6th stop on our tour of the 7 churches, we come not to a perfect church – but we come to a church that was faithful in the little things.  And as this church brought forth obedience to the Word of God in small measure, the Lord responds and just opens up the floodgates of blessing upon this assembly.  Seeing what the Lord did with the Church at Philadelphia – well it really forces us to redefine and reexamine what we tend to think of as success in the Lord.  Get your Word on with us in a provocatively uplifting study, and lift the eyes of your heart upward unto the One who swallows up all darkness in the blazing light of His glory!  Come and see and make much of Christ with us!

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