Just when we thought we have seen what a physical virus can do, in the last 7 days we’ve seen a far worse virus.  It is the spiritual virus of sin, and it has flowered unto full bloom.  Not only in the streets of our cities, but within our mainstream media and partisan politicians who call what is evil good and what is good evil.  IN A TIME when we can all admit we need medical people to take care of the physical virus, the far deadlier virus of sin must be dealt with by the people of God –  carrying the light of the glory of the Gospel of grace to all people.  IN OUR FINAL STUDY of the 7 churches, the Church of the Laodiceans is a wealthy and comfortable false church filled with indifference and apathy, and no desire to carry the gospel of grace to anybody at all.  What great mercy and kindness and stunning sovereignty on the part of God, to bring us to this 7th letter at such a time as this.  Get your Word on with us, and recover the zeal for the Gospel that our comfort and affluence have beaten out of us.

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