What if we were to study the Word of God with the same fervor with which we’re consuming the news today? We might all have double Doctorate degrees in theology from the school of Gamaliel. What if rather than jumping on board with all the insurrection and rebellion of the day, we paused and prayed for our Governor and pleaded with God for her soul?  What if rather than engaging in the assignment of blame, we take Jesus at His word and actually love and pray for those who seek to restrict our civil liberties?  Well this is exactly the quality and integrity of heart that we find in the Christian brothers and sisters in the persecuted Church at Smyrna.  What set this incredible group of believers apart, was they actually and authentically valued the eternal over the temporal, rather than paying lip service to it.  Get your Word on with us and get real this week, as we continue to confess and repent and plead for God’s mercy, that we might know His very best for us and bring glory to His great name!

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