What we discover in the Church at Thyatira, is that it is possible for a church to look winsome and wonderful and well on the outside, and yet be utterly rotten at the core.  Though they were busy and active and growing, the Church at Thyatira had tolerated and advocated false teaching, and it became their ruin.  Where the Church at Pergamum was married to the world, you might say the Church at Thyatira was celebrating anniversaries.  There was a fidelity to hard work and a fidelity to one another, but there was no fidelity to the truth.  What the church at Thyatira teaches the Body of Christ today, is that love without truth is not biblical love at all, but rather a false love that will descend into compromise and immorality and idolatry.  Get your Word on with us, as continue to submit ourselves to the spiritual MRI our risen Lord is offering to the Church today – for the welfare of our souls and the great glory of His name.

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