As Christians in these difficult days, we’re not to be consumed with the data and the graphs and the stratagem of men, but rather we’re to focus upon the loving pruning purifying work of God in our own hearts. We agree with the Apostle Peter in 1st Peter 4:17, where he says, “For it is time for judgment to begin in the household of God.” Therefore in response to the Lord’s work in the Church today, we’re going to be spending a few weeks studying Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, where the risen Christ Himself dictates 7 letters to be given to the 7 churches in Asia Minor at the end of the first century. Here at VXV, while we believe when and how we’re going to get out of this deal is important  –  we’re first concerned with what the condition of our hearts will be when we do. Get your Word on with us in this riveting new series, where will be asking the Lord to search and strengthen our hearts – to go back into the world again with a God glorifying Christ exalting Gospel driven mission!

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