Join us for the riveting conclusion to Chapter 3, where we take a look at Boaz’ response to the risqué midnight maneuvers orchestrated by Naomi and Ruth.  Now where one might expect to find shock and rebuke and condemnation, we find instead just remarkable gentleness and grace and compassion!  In the conduct of Boaz, we find illuminating insight into how OUR Lord of the Harvest deals with those who pursue intimacy and fellowship with Him.  Not only does Boaz disarm Ruth’s anxiety and fear, but he assures her of her future and makes generous provision for her present.   The real love story here is not about Boaz and Ruth at all, but rather of the love of God for His straying sheep – which comes to its full expression in the cross of Christ!  Get your Word on with us as we marvel over the profound pictures of Jesus in this passage, and set out to glorify God by delighting in Him!

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