God brought His prodigal daughter back to the land of promise, but Naomi sees neither the blessing of the harvest to come, nor the remarkable treasure God has furnished her in Ruth.  At the root of her inability to see God’s extraordinary grace and provision, is an unwillingness to come to the place of confession.  And now bitterness and anger have produced blindness, and Naomi just can’t see.  What a remarkable thing that this woman of God had the opportunity to introduce 2 young Gentile women to the land of promise, but counsels them instead to return to the house of the heathen.  When you and I are unwilling to confess and repent, we are not going to be in a right relationship with the Lord.   And if we are not in a right relationship with the Lord, we are going to be of little or no benefit to anyone else.  Get your Word on with us and get right with God for the glory of Christ!

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