With no cell phone, no GPS, no automobile, not even a bicycle, the Apostle Paul was a one-man wrecking crew in the world of first century missions.  Over the course of three missionary journeys, this man travelled over 10,000 miles and visited over 50 cities, and now here in our text proceeds to tell the church in Rome that there is nowhere left for him to go in the Empire where Christ has not been preached.  Now how in the world does a man find the drive and desire to accomplish such a monumental feat for the glory of his Lord?  Well we discover this week  –  this extraordinary fruit was fueled by the Lord Jesus Christ being his all consuming all satisfying ultimate treasure.  And it is through His Word by His Spirit that the Lord is inviting you and I to crush these inferior appetites of ours, that we too might find Christ uppermost in our affections.  Now as Paul shows us, when that happens there is simply no limit to what the Lord can accomplish in our lives.

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