In chapter 24 we find 2 unknown disciples on the road to Emmaus, and they are confused and distressed and just filled with doubt… Not because they rejected the Scriptures, not because they never read the Scriptures, and not because they didn’t believe the Scriptures – BUT ACCORDING TO THE TEXT, it’s because they only had a PARTIAL understanding of the Scriptures. What’s incredibly provocative here, is that these men didn’t even recognize Jesus when they physically SAW Him and walked with Him, but only after He explained ALL of the written Word of God TO them. The greatest need in the church today isn’t to be cool and relevant and entertaining – it’s to let the Lion out of the cage! From our boys in verse 32 this week – “Were not our hearts burning within us, when He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” Get your Word on with us, where we elevate and proclaim and teach the full council of God, that our hearts might burn for Christ to the glory of God!

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