The moment Jesus cries “It is finished” and dismisses His Spirit, we’re told the veil in the Temple separating the glory of God from the ordinary man was torn from top to bottom. Not from bottom to top mind you, but from top to bottom, indicating that the way to God was a work of God coming down to man in Christ – not man somehow working His way up to God through religious works. Isn’t interesting, that the death of Christ represented the end of religion, the end of man’s sacrifices, the end of the Priesthood, the end of the Old Covenant… The death of Christ meant the absolute destruction of man relating to God on the basis of works. Here’s the interesting part. Here we are over 2,000 years later, still trying to sew that veil up stitch by stitch through the energies of the flesh. Get your Word on with us this week, where we seek to magnify the majesty of Christ and Him crucified.

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