Joshua 7

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Hidden sin comes into the camp of Israel and causes her leaders to swerve into the flesh, as God holds the entire Nation responsible for the sin of one offender. Join us for a very [...]

Joshua 8

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How to Ambush your AI - Join us as God lays out His plan for you and I to have VICTORY where we have been defeated. How to take out the sin that's been taking [...]

Joshua 9

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The Word of God is exceedingly practical! Tonight in Joshua 9: How to sniff out a Con-Artist, and so much more. Join us for a remarkable and practical study in the Word of God! Click [...]

Joshua 10

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God demonstrates complete control of the elements, as He causes the Sun & the Moon to stand still in this startling study. He will take care of the Natural, as you focus upon the Spiritual [...]

Joshua 11

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Joshua wipes out the Northern Canaanite Confederacy and takes now ALL of the Promised Land, because he simply walked in lock step with the Will of God! You and I too, can lay a hold [...]

Joshua 12-17

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Jesus Christ has given us ultimate victory, and yet it's up to you and I to appropriate that victory individually in our lives. Tonight we discover there is yet much unconquered territory in our hearts [...]