In the riveting conclusion to our study in Jonah, God drills down deep and hits bedrock in Jonah’s heart, revealing the thing that had replaced God as uppermost in Jonah’s affections.  If we say to God that we can’t love Him and serve Him without having a thing or keeping a thing  –  than that thing has become our highest love; our God; our bottom line  –  and ultimately the thing that we most trust and rest in.  It is possible for you and I to take the good and wonderful gifts and relationships that God has given us for our joy, and elevate them unto idolatry if we’re not careful.   You see if there is something more important to us than God, then we will be anxious and fearful and insecure whenever the welfare of that thing is threatened or compromised. Doing the heart work to identify and eliminate idols –  beloved this is the key to our deliverance from the morbid introspection that ties our hearts to the disappointments in life.  Get you Word on with us and exalt Christ as the preeminent treasure!

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