Brought to an understanding of his own depravity and therefore the great grace of God upon his own soul, Jonah was now prepared to be an instrument of God’s grace to the people of Nineveh.  What follows in Chapter 3 is by all accounts the most staggering revival ever recorded in human history, and therefore this text compels us to understand what God would have us to know.  Miles from the kinds of messages the church preaches today, Jonah did not meet the Ninevites where they were at, he made no attempt at all to be relevant to their culture, he offered neither his own council nor his feelings in the matter – but he simply and unapologetically delivered the undiluted Word of God.  The result?  Staggering.  The entire population of the most violent and wicked people group ever to darken the planet, suddenly cried out to God for mercy in a massive display of repentance.  Get your Word on with us this week.  It appears we have much to learn.

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