Some people believe their lives are little more than a series of events strung together by random chance and feel their lives ride on luck.  Others believe their lives are controlled by other people and see themselves as victims. Others believe they are in control of their own lives and see themselves as either heroes or failures.  And yet the Word of God would have the children of God to know that God is in complete control of their lives, and is actively orchestrating all things together for their good.  Only those people whose lives are hidden in Christ can lay their head on their pillow at night, and rest peacefully in God’s astonishing sovereign care for their souls.  Join us this week in Chapter 2 of Jonah, where Jonah discovers this remarkable truth in the most unlikely environment, and finds his Lord waiting for him at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.  Get your Word on with us and marvel over the majestic reach of our magnificent God!

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