We launch our new study of the Book of Jonah!  Far from the story of just a prophet and a fish, this is the story of the breathtaking sovereignty of an all-powerful God in moving heaven and earth and history  –  just to go after and rescue one single believer running in the wrong direction.  In Chapter 1, we’re introduced to a divine storm that God hurls at His wandering prophet, in order to draw forth confession that will save his soul.  There is no mistaking the direct intentional action of God in this storm, which leaves the reader to come to terms with the Sovereignty of God.  Either you are going to live in a world where God is in control of all of the storms in your life, or you’re going to live in a world where you’re governed by humans or Satan or chance.  But you must make the choice.  Either you embrace the difficult yet beautiful truth that God is in control of all things, or you get bullied by some bad theology into thinking God is the helpless observer of your plight.  Get your Word on with us, and discover ultimate safety and gratitude in God’s astonishing love and care for you!

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