John 1:1-5

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Join us as we begin our study of the Gospel of John. While the other Gospels give us the history, John gives us the mystery! John has written this Gospel in order that we may [...]

John 1:6-13

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John calls his first witness to the stand in establishing the Deity of Christ, John the Baptist. The life of John gives us tremendous insight into what it means to be a Witness for Christ! [...]

John 1:14-18

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The Apostle John teaches us that Christ has within His storehouse, unlimited resources - an inexhaustible supply from which He desires to meet our needs! And as we simply come to Him, we discover we [...]

John 1:19-34

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John teaches us that simply talking about Christ ushers His presence directly into our lives. Join us for this and so much more in a riveting study in John Chapter 1 - where John the [...]

John 1:35-51

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Join us for the final installment in John Chapter 1, where John shows us how intimately Christ deals with each one of us as individuals. The Word of God puts forth very striking and insightful [...]

John 2:1-11

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Join us for the first of seven miracles recorded in the Gospel of John! Jesus attends a wedding and turns 150 gallons of water into wine! That ought to keep the party going! Chapter 2 [...]