Hebrews Chapter 6 has been called by many theologians the toughest nut to crack in all of the New Testament. Wherever this text has not been rightly divided, believers have walked away beat up and bruised and bloodied without reason. What the writer of Hebrews is really after here is advocating the advance of the believer unto maturity – where extraordinary joy and blessings await. Now when a believer fails to pursue the deep treasures of God’s Word, they invariably end up somewhere between Egypt and Canaan. They’re out of the place of danger, but they’re not in that rich place of rest. They’re living between Good Friday and Easter Sunday – delivered by the blood, but not living in the newness of the resurrected life. Get your Word on with us as we set sail in the high waters of Hebrews Chapter 6 – and refuse to settle for less than ALL that the God of glory would have for us.

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