The greatest danger that you and I face this week is not likely some massive failure on our part, it is unlikely that any of us are going to wake up tomorrow a practicing Wiccan.  The greatest threat to our progression in the faith, is when we DRIFT from our commitment to the Word of God.  Perhaps you can remember a day when you were excited about the things of God  –  when you were excited about prayer and Bible study and fellowship and sharing your faith.  But now you’re wondering why God seems like a million miles away.  The writer of Hebrews is telling us this week, that God never moved.  We did.  The current of our culture is always moving, fads and fashion are moving, the zeitgeist is always shifting.  But the one thing in our lives that never moves or never changes is the Word of God.   Get your Word on with us and chart your course to glad hearted delight in Christ  –  by the True North of God’s Word.

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