An evil plan is hatched by Haman the Agagite to exterminate God’s people, which surprised the Lord about as much as you are to find a political post on your feed today.  God flexes the muscle of his extraordinary power and providence here in chapter 3, as He begins to win the hearts of His wandering exiled children under the gun there in Persia.  God does not work IN SPITE OF our injustices and failures to achieve our good, He works precisely THROUGH our injustices and failures to achieve our good.  Nowhere do we see this truth more powerfully manifested than in the Cross of Christ.  It was not in spite of the great injustice against Jesus that God saved the world, it was HOW He saved the world.  There is no storm in this life that can have you  –  because it is His storm, and you are His kid.  Get your Word on with us this week and discover the striking sovereignty of God over every injustice and failure in your life  –  for you ultimate good and His glory!

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