Our journey in the gripping narrative of Esther continues in Chapter 2, where our heroine finds herself in a most unusual and compromising position. Far from the version of a child’s felt board Sunday school lesson, Esther finds herself compromising the Word of God in every imaginable way, and yet God is behind the scenes working in and through her sin stained life, to bring about His unfailing purposes to save His people. The divinely inspired author of Esther describes a morally complex and ambiguous world, where life isn’t always neat and tidy.  In other words, he’s describing reality.  And yet the towering message of the book of Esther is this.  Even when we make a wrong turning, be that through innocent blunder or willful disobedience, our gracious and omnipotent and sovereign God is working behind the scenes, using every weak link in the chain of our lives, to perfect His purposes in and through us.  Get your Word on with us, and marvel over the unchallenged power and providence of our God!

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