Join us as we launch an incredible new study in the Book of Esther! In a compelling narrative quite unlike any we find in the Scriptures, Esther tells the story of the extraordinary providence of God, even in the lives of believers we might consider morally ambiguous at best.  Even in those dark nights of the soul when we feel like God is a million miles away, the story of Esther ensures us with the comforting immutable reality that God is always working for the welfare of His children. Even when we cannot see it; even when we don’t get it; even when we cannot detect it – there is never a single point in the life of the believer, where God’s providence is not active and moving behind the scenes, bringing forth His good purposes in and through our lives. Get your Word on with us in this new study, where the fight we’re still in at VXV – is the fight for our delight in Jesus Christ, to the glory of his great name!

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