When we talk with unbelievers and assume a degree of spiritual familiarity that is just not there, we are going to do little more than push them further away from the Gospel. The Apostle Paul exhorts us in our final study in Colossians – conduct yourselves with wisdom before unbelievers, that you might make the most of opportunity. If we are not students of the Word of God, we’re going to lack the wisdom of the Scriptures, and we’re going to be very fast and loose with Christian terms and phrases that are lost upon the unbelieving community. And then rather than engaging them, all we will have done is brought the goofy from their perspective. Paul encourages us to talk to people in their own language, lose all the hyper-spiritual talk, and begin to engage individuals with discernment, that they might see us as a grounded and wise people, rather than writing us off as a bunch of spiritual lunatics. Biblical Christianity is practical Christianity in our final study in Colossians Chapter 4. Get your word on with us and grow in wisdom in this incredibly practical and timely study!

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