The fight that we are in together is the fight to delight in the Gospel.  Our fight is not in how well we can perform spiritually, it is not in our religious works, it is not against a defeated enemy; we don’t need to go chasing demons all over the county…   But the fight that you and I are in from day to day as we walk out our lives  –  is the fight to delight in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If we can dial into the fight for delight in Christ, we will deal a crushing blow to the works of the flesh.  This week in Colossians 2 the Apostle Paul is our ringside trainer, reminding us that Christ didn’t disarm the enemy in a corner somewhere, but made a very open and public display of his demise.  Paul tells us if we can understand that we have a defeated enemy, and if we can both understand and walk in the total forgiveness that is ours in Christ, we will experience victory over our flesh and the beguilement of religion.

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