With the return of Christ imminent, Peter gives his readers a crash course on the kind of Christian living that leads to the fulness of joy and the glory of God in times of difficulty.   What the Apostle would like his readers to know, is that responsiveness and readiness in the Christian life are not born out of wishful thinking, but rather a depth of preparation over time.  The way His yoke is made easy and His burden is made light, is when we learn to live in the rhythm and cadence of the Gospel in just the everyday ordinariness of our day to day lives.  That is how and where we build the kind of strength and courage and boldness and depth, that allow us to meet the moments of crises in our lives well.  When difficulty comes to the seasoned saint, there is no gear grinding hard shift needed to move into Godliness, because it has already been forged in the fires of the ordinary; it’s who they are.  Get your Word on with us, as we continue to make much of Christ and fight for our delight in Him!

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