Peter tells suffering Christians not to think it strange or unusual when suffering comes their way, because it is God Himself that is orchestrating all things to flourish their souls for all of eternity.  If you are going to try and SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF EVIL by saying that God has no intentions and no plans for it, you are going against the clear teaching of the Bible, and it will not comfort you.  If you take the position that God merely REACTS to evil, then what you are doing is taking it outside of His power, which leaves you with God doing little more than running around playing catch up and saying “OOPS” all day long.  FORTUNATELY for all of us, that is not at all the picture the Bible paints of the God of the Universe.  GOD GOVERNS ALL THINGS according to the Scriptures  –  and yes; even the sinful things of the world  –  they too are under His dominion and control.  God is in supreme control, and God is working for your good.  That is the explicit testimony of scripture, and that is immensely good and comforting news.

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