As the seasoned saint knows, there is not an authentic believer that doesn’t live in the constant battle between the appetites of the unredeemed flesh and the desires of the indwelling Spirit of God.  If we are to win the fight to delight in Christ for our own souls, and for our families and for our churches, Peter is telling us we need to arm ourselves to engage in battle against sin, the same way a soldier would prepare for military warfare.  VICTORY OVER SIN does not come by some charismatic deception or mystical apprehension or esoteric perception…  BUT WHAT IS GOING TO GIVE you and I victory over sin  –  is to simply see sin for what it is and what it does, and to hate it as God hates it.   Hate what it did to Christ, hate that it grieves the heart of God, hate how it cripples the believer, and hate how it plunges the human race into dissipation and judgement.  Get your Word on with us as we seek to go into battle together  –  to fight for our delight in Jesus Christ!

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