The deepest meaning in Christian marriage is discovered in its unique expression of the joy and delight and intimacy to be found in the relationship between Jesus Christ and His bride the Church.  God has given us marriage, primarily to teach us of and point us to and bring us upwards and into the living drama of how Christ and the Church relate to one another.  Where a man and a woman submit to God’s beautiful design in the distinct and complimentary roles within the marriage, they themselves will flourish to the glory of God, and those before whom their marriage is lived out will experience a luminous sanctifying benefit.  And yet sin is crouching at the door seeking to distort and twist and make ugly and destructive, what God intends to be beautiful and fruitful and harmonious. Get your Word on with us this week in 1st Peter 3, and insulate and energize your marriage with the power and wisdom and glory of the pure Word of God!

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