At the root of most of our theological ills; the greatest hindrances to our growth spiritually and practically as Christians – those come when we distance our hearts from the core of the Gospel of Christ.  The Gospel is not something we are ever to move off of or away from, to some other supposedly more exciting doctrine.  The truth is, to the degree you pull the Gospel from the center of any biblical doctrine, you have stripped that doctrine of any meaning and usefulness at all, and you’re left with little more than a distraction.  When a person thinks anything is more compelling than the cross of Christ, they show themselves to not understand the cross at all.  The same Gospel that saved us, is the very same Gospel that sanctifies us, fueling and feeding our delight and satisfaction in Him.  Get your Word on with us, as we explore the brilliance of God’s glory shining brightly through the diamond of the Gospel here in 1st Peter 2!