The Church is doing the people of God no favor when we fail to teach a proper theology of suffering, because we’re leaving out half the reality of the Christian experience.  Peter tells us this week that not only did Christ die for our sins, but that he died to leave us an example of how to suffer well.  On the heels of teaching us how to submit to unjust authorities for the cause of the Gospel, Peter equips us to do so with the model of Jesus Himself, who when reviled did not revile in return; who while suffering uttered no threats at all.   How did Jesus suffer so well?  Because He knew the path to glory was through suffering, and because He entrusted every injustice to the One who judges perfectly in the end.  No matter how much you are mistreated or maligned or misunderstood, there can be perfect calm and peace in your heart, if you will continually commit yourself to the perfect Judge  –  who will make no mistake in your life or in the lives of those who mistreat you.  Get your Word on with us and increase your eternal capacity to delight in God.