Most Americans will spend over 90,000 hours in the workforce over the course of their lives, which means we essentially spend half of our waking lives on the job. Given that reality, the workplace becomes for us as believers – a stage upon which to unfold the grace and the glory of God before unbelievers. In this week’s study Peter calls us to submit to our bosses as unto the Lord, so that we may win the affections of those we work with to Christ. Far more important than getting what we think we’re entitled to, is the integrity and credibility of our testimony. So, let’s just bottom line this. None of us as Christians really has a secular job. We just don’t. What we have is a MISSION FIELD; a massive mission field – for many of us the greatest mission field we’ll ever have. Join us this week in 1st Peter 2 for a pointedly practical and freeing study. Get your Word on with us and exalt Christ, and learn to “take this job and LOVE it!”