In a hard-hitting passage of Scripture, Peter takes up the believer’s relationship to human governing authorities established by God.  Now as beneficial or mismanaged as any system of human government inherently is, the fact remains that God has established these temporary systems of authority  –  in order to prop up and stabilize a humanity bent on self-destruction,  just long enough to extend the invitation of the Gospel to His people.   Now as free men and women in Christ, it is a beautiful truth that our primary citizenship is not of this word, and this is why the Word of God calls us  aliens and exiles and sojourners here on earth…  And yet as beautiful as the Gospel itself, we are being asked by the One who delivered us from this world  –  to freely go back into it and be subject to it  –  in order that we might show the world the excellencies of Christ; that we might bring them to where we are.  Now it seems to us that is exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ did for us.  Get your word on with us and make much of Christ!

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