In a stunningly important passage of Scripture, Peter tells us that the way we are to conduct ourselves before unbelievers is to begin with the integrity our interior lives before God.   As that reality manifests itself in our exterior conduct, this text is telling us we can take the accusations right out of the mouths of unbelievers, and even win them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.   However, in order to do that, we need both short term and long-term strategies for subduing the raging desires of our own flesh.   Confession and repentance will garner victory in the short term, but to overcome the battle over time, we need to develop the long-term strategy of delighting in God.   And that only comes by longing for the pure milk of His Word, in order that we might see and savor His infinite treasure and value, and find Him utterly superior to the banal attractions of this world. So yeah, there’s a lot in this study, but it’s gonna’ be awesome. Get your Word on with us and delight in Christ!